Is Your Music Department Ministry or Misery?

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Good Music in the church, attracts, inspires, lifts hearts and promotes worship. Consequently, it is the element of music that is often associated with a successful ministry. Has your ministry of music now become a place of misery? Proper management of problems determines the success or failure of a Music Ministry. Mishandled problems could ultimately thrust ministry into misery. It is the author’s hope that this book will serve as the antidote for the misery in your music ministry.


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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Is Your Music Department Ministry or Misery?

  1. Calvin Johnson

    Excellent Book by Steven Ford, So on Point!!!!!!!

  2. Gerald D Wesson

    I recommend this book to any and everyone involved in music ministry at their local church. Steven Ford really defines what music ministry in the church should be all about !!! For those who have been given the assignment to lead and oversee a church’s music dept , this is a MUST READ !!!! I have given copies of this book to friends who are in ministry leadership!!! It’s concise ,scriptural, spiritual and informative !!!

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