Can I Take Your Order: The Levitical Order


When the server in a restaurant has problems satisfying your order, it is a protocol to call for the manager. If the problem is still not rectified, the manager then calls for the owner. The service before the meal is as important to the customer as the taste of the meal. In comparison, in ministry, the church administration staff, the bookstore ministry, the Call In Prayer Ministry, the Outreach Ministry, the Prison Ministry, the Trustees, the Deacon Board, the Mothers Board, the Evangelistic Ministry, the Sanctuary care Ministry, the Greeters, the Ushers, the Youth Ministry, the Step Team, the Dance Ministry, the Praise & Worship Team, the Choir, The Musicians, all who work in ministry, are really called to serve,

This book is merely a road map to point those of us who must serve in the Ministerial Restaurant of Life, to our manager, Jesus Christ, which presents our problems to the owner, Our Eternal Heavenly Father, the Almighty God. Jesus came to fulfill the Law, and to restore Order in our lives. But, as you read this book, ask yourself, the server… Can I really place His order? Can I handle this platter alone to fulfill God’s request? Am I really ready to serve Him? Am I ready to address God as I stand before His table and inquire of Him, and ask… “CAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?”


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